Amador County Public Schools

Amador County Public Schools, in partnership with our community, will graduate students who have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and excel in higher education, careers, society and life.

This vision will be achieved by adhering to rigorous academic standards, high expectations, a comprehensive curriculum, and a positive school climate

Provide and Promote Community Partnerships

Connect schools to the community through newsletters, web sites, parent conferences and business alliances. 

Share responsibility for student success with district employees, parents, students and the community

Identify and actively address the needs of our students, staff, parents and community.

Increase the opportunities for students, parents and community members to provide ideas and suggestions about issues critical to student success, including opportunities to develop a vision for schools of the future.

Expand methods for improving parent and community access to information about the performance of students and information about how parents can support and participate in student learning.

Communicate to parents and community that strong partnerships with them will help our students maximize their individual potential.

  Maintain a Comprehensive Curriculum

Provide and support a challenging, diverse curriculum that is accessible and promotes opportunities for students to explore and develop their unique interests. 

Give students opportunities in the arts, leadership, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. 
  Ensure Instructional Excellence in Higher Education, careers, and Ethics

Revise and/or develop career, vocational, technical and college offerings to add rigor and relevance for all students. 

Enhance and expand our alternative education options, including independence study, on-line learning, and/or charter schools.

Model, mentor and acknowledge programs and processes that foster integrity and responsible behavior. 

Improve Positive School Climate

Monitor and manage finances in order to sustain educational program priorities over the long term.

Improve the appearance, cleanliness and maintenance of the schools.

Model, mentor and acknowledge programs and processes that foster integrity and responsible behavior.

Promote employee personal growth through professional development and evaluation.

Develop and implement strategies for improving student transition points, including pre-K to elementary, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, regular education to/from special education, and comprehensive schools to/from alternative schools. 


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Sustain Rigorous Academics and High Expectations

Provide an academic support system to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Continue to monitor and improve instruction to increase the number of students who meet and/or exceed local, state and federal accountability standards. 


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