Amador County
State Preschool

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year

      Preschool Handbook                                     

As of September 1, There is still availability at our State Preschools, especially at the Pioneer site.
Please call me for enrollment information about specific sites as each one is different. If enrollment does become full at a site, a family can either choose another site or to be added to a wait list for the original requested site.
As of June, 2015, the State of California has eliminated the fee requirement as required in the past for the State Preschools, but has placed income limits for eligibility according to a family’s household size. Please refer to the following chart for income eligibility:
Household Size
8 or more
Gross Monthly Income Cap
Please contact me if you have questions.
We will be  having out first Parent Council meeting in October. This is an opportunity for parents to be involved in activities and decisions regarding the sites and your child’s preschool education. If you are interested or want more information, please contact me or let your child’s teacher know of your interest in being involved.
I look forward to getting to the sites as often as possible and meeting with our families. Best wishes for a great year!
 Julia Sierk Director
209-257-5388 fax