2014 Elementary
Lunch Menu

Breakfast Menu

ACUSD Augusut 2014 Elementary Lunch Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11 12 13 14 15
Corn Dog Chicken Nuggets Bosco Pizza Stick Chicken Sandwich French Toast
Mixed Green Salad w/BBQ Sauce Mixed Green Salad w/BBQ Sauce Sausage Link
Diced Pears Mixed Green Salad Applesauce Cup Mixed Green Salad Tater Tots
  Fresh Fruit   Diced Peaches Fresh Fruit/Baby Carrots
18 19 20 21 22
Chimi Nada Hot Dog Beef Teriyaki  Pepperoni Pizza Hamburger
(bean & cheese) Mixed Green Salad w/ Fluffy Rice Mixed Green Salad Lettuce/Pickle/Tomato
Mixed Green Salad Fresh Fruit Mixed Green Salad Diced Pears French Fries
Diced Peaches   Frozen Fruit Juice Cup   Fresh Fruit
25 26 27 28 29
Fish Sticks Crispy Taco Turkey & Gravy Grilled Cheese  Waffle
Tater Tots w/Lettuce Mashed Potatoes Mixed Green Salad Turkey Sausage Link
Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Diced Peaches Tater Tots
Spiced Applesauce Fresh Fruit Mixed Fruit Birthday Cup Cake Fresh Fruit/Baby Carrots
    Minimum Day k-12    
All lunches come with 1% white milk or non-fat chocolate milk. Salad comes with trip to salad bar. Lunch $2.50
Garden Bar: 50/50 Salad Mix(Romaine/Iceberg)baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli cuts, sliced Reduced Lunch $0.40
cucumbers, kidney and garbanzo beans.  Milk $0.50
If you have filled out an application, approval
is not automatic.  It is your responsibility
to send money or a lunch until you are approved.