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Plans & Reports

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The LCAP is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. The LCAP provides an opportunity for local educational agencies (LEAs) to share their stories of how, what, and why programs and services are selected to meet their local needs.

LCAP Stakeholder Engagement Results

A working group of district and county stakeholders collaborated for several months last spring to create a three-year Strategic Plan and related action plans which were Board approved in June 2017. The objectives and strategies which make up our Strategic Plan are as follows:


Career & College

We will increase the number of students successfully completing career technical education (vocational) and college-prep courses by 100%.


All students will demonstrate improvement in their social, emotional and physical health.


All students will advance along multiple academic measures toward meeting and exceeding standards in order to close achievement gaps and accelerate progress.


All students will show an increase in positive school engagement and connectedness with staff, peers and community.


Supports & Resources

Ensure student social-emotional and physical well being through a comprehensive system of supports and resources for all students based on their individual needs.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Collaborate with staff, families and community to cultivate and strengthen partnerships that enrich and expand opportunities, preparing students for a rapidly evolving world.

Fine Tuned Learning

Create caring, collaborative school environments that facilitate highly engaging, rigorous and personalized learning for all students through the use of effective strategies, practices and resources.

21st Century Literacy

Develop and implement diverse, robust learning pathways to ensure students’ effective use of 21st century thinking skills including creativity, communication, collaboration, and digital literacies

School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)