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Update Amador High SchoolNews

Yesterday a student approached the Amador High School administration with a concern about the behavior of a teacher. Administrators immediately went to the classroom and suspected that there could be alcohol involved. Students were removed from the classroom and the Sutter Creek Police Department was called to the campus to investigate. The teacher was taken into custody.

Amador administrators interviewed students about the incident and provided that information to the police department. The administrators also called each family to speak with them individually about the incident and left messages for those they couldn’t reach. Today, counseling will be offered to students who need assistance.

As a school community, we are very disappointed with this unacceptable behavior. We are also grateful that our courageous students came forward to let the administration know. School staff and administrators will be working to ensure that the campus focus stays on learning while the legal process moves forward. Any additional questions about the case can be directed to the Sutter Creek Police department at 209-267-5646.